Warranty period of crane running- 18 months from putting in operation, but not more than 1000 motor hours  of crane equipment running. Guarantee term starts from the day of  putting a crane into operation,  but not later 6 months from the day of receiving a crane by client.

NADRAGIDROBURMASH LTD -manufacturer of truck crane- ensures proper running of truck crane according to technical documentation  (of crane equipment), in condition of performing by owner rules of transporting, storing, running and maintanance, indicated in passports and operation manuals as well as  requirements of structure, safe running of lifting cranes and having a training.

Warranty on chassis, crane safety devices  and other components- according to  normative and covering documentation of manufacturers. Guarantee term does’t extend on rapidly wearing parts and units.

Manufacturer’s warranty  is  solely for crane’s buyer.

At sale (resale) a crane manufacturer’s warranty  is set by separate agreement  between manufacturer and new buyer.